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Function staff for your next event in Gauteng

We know that function staff, including everyone from the chef and wine stewards to the waiters, bartenders and runners, are quite often the face of an event. At Vine Hospitality, we pride ourselves in providing the most knowledgeable, well trained and impeccably presented staff.

Services we offer

  • Wine stewards: Vine Hospitality’s wine stewards are skilled in wine selection, wine pouring and their knowledge extends to vineyards, regions, grapes and vintages. We can choose the correct glasses, describe the wine, check its label and guide the diner into smelling and tasting the wine. Find out more about our wine steward services
  • Waiters: Waitron staff in Gauteng can make or break an event – you want staff that is professional and provide excellent service. We are proud of the friendly and accommodating attitude of our serving staff and we ensure that they are well groomed, neatly presented and personable. Find out more about hiring event waiters in Gauteng
  • Scullery staff and runners: If you want to pull off a smooth, seamless event, you need to provide exceptional back of house support and service to the kitchen and waiters. Our scullery staff and runners are on hand to assist the waitron staff with the removal of plates and glassware. They are responsible for keeping the guests’ tables free of debris between each course. Find out more about our scullery staff and runners
  • Head waiters: At Vine Hospitality, we regard the primary responsibility of a head waiter as leading the rest of the waiters throughout their shift, ensuring that your guests are kept happy and that your event is a success. Find out more about hiring a head waiter
  • Function managers: Vine Hospitality’s function managers are tasked with the setting up and running of an event. They will coordinate and direct all of the staff of the event, such as caterers, waiters, entertainers, decorators and barmen. Find out more about hiring one of our function managers
  • Chefs: Vine Hospitality has a number of executive, sous and pastry chefs on our books, all of whom have received the best catering training and experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Find out more about hiring a chef
  • Bartenders and bar staff: We are proud to offer the entertainment and event industry the very best in barmen service and management. Our speciality barmen and flairers have extensive experience in creating just the right amount of drama and excitement at a variety of different events. Find out more about our bartenders and bar staff

Payment details:

In terms of payment we require 50 % deposit before we do the event and the remainder to be paid 48 hrs after the event (this can also be negotiated according to your needs). Our regular clients are invoiced monthly and the payment expected within 3 to 5 days after receiving the invoice.

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