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Experienced wine stewards in Gauteng

Any event or function that uses a sommelier or wine steward in Gauteng is sure to be up market, trendy and most importantly – a success. It does not take a special talent to open a bottle of wine but a wine steward is expected to know all about the bottle, the wine’s vintage and how it was made, all of which adds cachet and class to an event.

The Vine Hospitality’s wine stewards are wine lovers, interested in the wine making process and all other elements of viticulture. Their knowledge extends to vineyards, regions, grapes and vintages. Our wine stewards also know about wine cellars and the storage of wine and they have the required refined palate so that they know when a wine has soured.

Wine selection, wine pouring and wine selling are all part of the wine steward’s job. A sommelier should be able to choose the correct glasses, describe the wine, check its label and guide the diner into smelling and tasting the wine. Vine Hospitality ensures that our wine stewards are skilled at wine pairing or matching specific wines to specific dishes to enhance the flavours and experience of both.

When should you hire a wine steward?

If you’re hosting one of the following events, consider hiring a wine steward:

  • Cocktail parties;
  • Large functions;
  • Corporate events;
  • Dinner parties;
  • And more.

Our wine stewards will oversee the wine list for your event and will make recommendations based on budget, the menu and the look and feel of the function. Our sommeliers are comfortable talking to guests about wines and can make recommendations according to their tastes and palates.

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