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Hire a chef in Gauteng for your event, function or party

The chef in Gauteng you choose to hire can have a significant impact on the outcome of your function or party. Mediocre food can undermine the success of an event but great food can make up for a number of shortfalls. This is why it is so important to ensure that your kitchen staff are of the best calibre and are able to provide a meal that is truly exceptional.

Vine Hospitality has a number of executive, sous and pastry chefs on our books, all of whom have received the best catering training and experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Whether your menu is cordon bleu or hors d’oevre based, our chefs are up to the task of providing the menu of your requirements.

The Vine Hospitality’s freelance chefs are well versed in a number of cooking styles and are capable of slotting into an existing kitchen team or of working with a full team provided by us.

Let us help you set up a menu that people will remember! For the best dishes, flavours and combinations, hire one of our chefs in Gauteng for your next event.

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