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Why you need a head waiter for your next event in Gauteng

At successful events, there is always one person who manages the waitron staff and who ensures that the correct food is delivered to the guests, glasses are kept fully charged and dirty plates are cleared. This is the job of a head waiter and he or she is integral to the smooth supply of food and beverage at any event.

When you hire a head waiter for your event, this person is considered to be the senior member of the waitering staff and will assist the function manager and the event management team by supervising the junior waitrons and servers and they will often interact with guests to resolve any problems.

At Vine Hospitality, we regard theprimary responsibility of a head waiter as leading the rest of the waiters throughout their shift, ensuring that your guests are kept happy and that your event is a success.

Our head waiters are impeccably presented, well groomed and articulate. Friendliness and efficiency are the cornerstones of our success at providing waitron staff and our head waiters will ensure that all of waiters serve your guests as per instructions.

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