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What does a wine steward do?

It does not take a special talent to open a bottle of wine but a wine steward is expected to know all about the bottle and how it was made. A wine steward in Gauteng needs to be a wine lover, interested in the wine making process and all other elements of viticulture.

Wine stewards should have knowledge of the following:

  • Vineyards;
  • Wine regions;
  • Grapes;
  • Vintages;
  • Wine pairing;
  • Matching wines to dishes;
  • Wine cellars; and
  • Wine storage.

Wine stewards oversee the wine list and any additions to it. Wine selection, wine pouring and wine selling are all part of the wine steward’s job. A sommelier should be able to choose the correct glasses, describe the wine, check its label and guide the diner into smelling and tasting the wine.

To be a wine steward does require some form of qualification, usually a certificate from a sommelier organisation. Some travel and vineyard experience is also recommended.

Need a wine steward in Gauteng?

Hiring a freelance wine steward in Gauteng can add cachet to an event and they can be sourced from event staffing companies.  Contact Vine Hospitality to hire a wine steward for your next event!

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