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Function staff for your next Gauteng event

Hosting an event in Gauteng? You will need function staff, such as bartenders, waiters, bar staff and wine stewards to help you orchestrate the entire event. As an event organiser or party planner, it’s easier for you to find all the event staff you need under one roof.

Vine Hospitality has everything you need – from head waiters to runners – for your Gauteng function.  We are a premier event staffing solutions provider that offers a dedicated team of event staff. We can also bring fresh ideas and experience to take your party or function to the next level.

Your event staff is the face of your event. You need friendly, efficient waiters, knowledgeable wine stewards and bartenders who can crack a joke and mix a cocktail at the same time. If this sounds like something you need – partner with us for your next event!

Event services from Vine Hospitality:

  • Wine stewards: Our wine stewards can select wine, pour wine and provide information about different vineyards, regions and vintages.
  • Waiters: Our waiters are quick, friendly and efficient. Hiring waiters for an event can be a bit of a gamble gamble – rather partner with a team of waiters that offer an accommodating attitude and great service.
  • Scullery staff and runners: Our runners offer exceptional back of house support to the kitchen and waiters. We will help remove plates, glassware and make sure your guests’ tables are free of debris between each course.
  • Head waiters: When you hire a head waiter from Vine Hospitality for your event, you can rest assured that the teams of waiters will have a leader and coordinator that will ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Function managers: Our function managers will help set up and run all aspects of your event. From directing the function staff to making sure the entertainers, decorators and barmen arrive on time – we do it all!
  • Chefs: Let our function chefs cook up a storm for your party, wedding or event.
  • Bartenders and bar staff: The very best bar tenders and barmen are part of Vine Hospitality’s event team. We will create just the right amount of drama and excitement for your event!
Why Vine Hospitality can offer you the best event staffing solution:

  • When it comes to event staff – we are the pros. We will work with you to make sure your evening runs smoothly;
  • Not sure where to find scullery staff and runners for your event? We’ve got great teams that will clear tables in a flash;
  • We can also organise a complete catering solution;
  • We can arrange music and DJ’s for you.
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Get the dedicated event staff you need

Poor service can ruin your evening, but you don’t need to be stuck with inexperienced event staff on your big night. Partner with Vine Hospitality for friendly, professional and effective teams to make sure your event runs smoothly. Contact us for more information now!

Why Vine Hospitality is the best option

  • We have successfully pulled off many high profile events
  • Our mission is to exceed your expectations
  • One-stop event staffing solution
Vine Hospitality’s services:

  • Wine stewards;
  • Waiters;
  • Scullery staff and runners;
  • Head waiters;
  • Function managers;
  • Chefs;
  • Bartenders and bar staff.